Intimate Motherhood Session - Perth Family Photographer

I know a lot of you may struggle with the idea of stripping down in front of the camera for a photography session with your children and that’s ok, I get it because that is me, I’m shy.  If on the other hand you have even the tiniest inkling that it is something you may like to do, then I say go for it.  I think the female body post-birth oozes with beauty, it has a mystic quality to it.  I admire women like Sarah who are confident and comfortable in her own skin. 

This session was a dream, something I had been wanting to do for a while.  There was plenty of chaos, with a two-year-old in the mix there always is.  However, there was also so much love and tenderness and I think it shows in these images.  I hope Sarah can look back on these one day and remember this all to special time in her life.